Efficient way to detect and remove duplicate entries from PI Archives

Blog Post created by Mamunur on Nov 17, 2020

I was recently analyzing some old historical archives for some work on some 5 to 8 years historical data for about 10k tags in the PI Archives. I encountered there were huge amount of duplicate entries for most of the data in there. We expected to have a single occurrence of each entries for a single timestamp. 


So, it was decided to remove these garbage entries and to keep a single event for each of those duplicates. I tried searching of some custom programs or code that could save us from these trouble. I found that there were some questions, discussions and suggestions which either suggested to use PI OLEDB or PI AFSDK. The programs that were shared or suggested, I believe, were not up to to the mark considering performance and effectiveness.


So, I went on to design my own program using my .NET C# skills and obviously leveraging the powerful AFSDK library. Please find the below steps to understand how I achieved the requirement.


Step 1: First retrieve all the records for the tag using a call to #recorded values.


List<AFValue> recordedValues = myTag.RecordedValues(new AFTimeRange(startTime, endTime), AFBoundaryType.Inside, "", true);

Step 2: Use LINQ to fetch the duplicate entries

var duplicates = recordedValues.GroupBy(x => x).Where(g => g.Count() > 1).Select( z => new { data = z.Key, count = z.Count() });


Step 3: Use Replace Values for each of the duplicate pairs. Check how a single event is kept in the archives, by pushing a single AFValue inside the AFValue collection during the code flow. We can even log the entries for evidence or backup before removing them, as shown.


foreach (var item in duplicates)
            log.WriteLine("{0},{1},{2},{3}", myPIPoint,,, item.count);
            tag.ReplaceValues(new AFTimeRange(,, new List<AFValue> { } );

Note: I have found that this method is much more efficient than using UpdateValue, by using AFUpdateOption.Remove, which has some constraints/dependencies before it successfully deletes the data.



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