PI Vision Hackathon Submission

Blog Post created by MaxStrueverWipro on Mar 13, 2017

My hackathon submission will (if I have time) have two parts.

GitHub - madmaxlax/OSIsoftVisualizationHackathon: submission for PI hackathon

I ran into a nasty caching issue (bug?) where the DataShape was incorrectly getting a value from an earlier file version. That got me held up for a while


Part 1 Timestamp Color Scale

Screen cast on youtube

As a PI admin, data 'freshness' or, how recently a tag or group of tags has gotten data, is of the utmost importance to me. I have made a lot of PB displays (and other apps!) to try and get an idea of how my interfaces are doing and if there's recent data.

Multi-state is only helpful for the actual value of the PI tag, and not anything related to the timestamp.

So I wanted to create a symbol that shows this info.

It is mostly just an extension of the regular Value symbol, but with a color scale on the timestamp.

Untitled.pngas the value doesn't change and becomes more 'stale' the color changes from green to yellow to red.


In the symbol configuration, you can set up how long ago is considered "old"

for example, if you want everything over an hour to show up as red, you set the "red time" to 60 minutes ago.

anything older than 60 mins will be red. any values between now and 60 minutes will be on a green-yellow-red color scale.


Part 2 Bullet Graph

(submitted a little late apologies; was working solo and weekend got away from me due to unexpectedly good weather here in Amsterdam)

Based off the specification laid out here

Idea by Jason Wallace

Screen cast on youtube (sorry I couldn't get audio to work, but it's hopefully self-explanatory!)

This symbol is similar to a bar graph, but extends it with some options for a few other comparative metrics, as laid out in the design spec linked above

The bullet graph lets you add a bad, warning, and good range, as well as a comparative value (for example; a previous run's results or maybe a golden batch value)