Visualization Virtual Hackathon 2018: Operating Envelope

Blog Post created by Mikhail_Koloskov on Apr 15, 2018

The PI Visualization Hackathon 2018 submission of IPCOS team is an Operating Envelope, which allows displaying sets of limits over two operating variables.


Why to use it?

Process equipment is a subject to complex constraints, which are often simplified as bounds on a single signal (typical H, HH, L, LL bounds). While this is sufficient for ensuring safe operations, optimal operations require multi-variable monitoring.



The IPCOS’ component allows displaying limit sets over 2 dimensions and color the resulting areas, providing an operation map. The operating points are displayed with a color depending on their timestamp, showing the evolution of the performance of the equipment.



The operation of the equipment can be optimized more accurately, systematically and continuously.



  • The component is accessible as any other native PI Vision component
  • The limit sets are directly imported from PI/AF, where they are stored as attributes of the equipment element




Demo and usage guide:

OSIsoft Visualization Hackathon 2018: IPCOS' Operating Envelope - YouTube (Best viewed with HD quality)

Video contents:

  • 00:08 Demo
  • 01:20 Step by Step component usage guide
  • 01:50 Adding asset data
  • 02:20 Changing time range
  • 03:03 Changing bounds of the chart
  • 03:26 Adding limits
  • 04:54 Using components for similar assets



Source code:

GitHub - IPCOS/PiVision-OperatingEnvelope: Operating Envelope symbol for PiVision4 2018 hackathon


Further Development

Add envelope curves 



Hans Robeers, Denis Gauder, Peter Gerlings, Mikhail  Koloskov