The PI Visualization Hackathon 2018 submission of IPCOS team is an Operating Envelope, which allows displaying sets of limits over two operating variables.


Why to use it?

Process equipment is a subject to complex constraints, which are often simplified as bounds on a single signal (typical H, HH, L, LL bounds). While this is sufficient for ensuring safe operations, optimal operations require multi-variable monitoring.



The IPCOS’ component allows displaying limit sets over 2 dimensions and color the resulting areas, providing an operation map. The operating points are displayed with a color depending on their timestamp, showing the evolution of the performance of the equipment.



The operation of the equipment can be optimized more accurately, systematically and continuously.



  • The component is accessible as any other native PI Vision component
  • The limit sets are directly imported from PI/AF, where they are stored as attributes of the equipment element




Demo and usage guide:

OSIsoft Visualization Hackathon 2018: IPCOS' Operating Envelope - YouTube (Best viewed with HD quality)

Video contents:

  • 00:08 Demo
  • 01:20 Step by Step component usage guide
  • 01:50 Adding asset data
  • 02:20 Changing time range
  • 03:03 Changing bounds of the chart
  • 03:26 Adding limits
  • 04:54 Using components for similar assets



Source code:

GitHub - IPCOS/PiVision-OperatingEnvelope: Operating Envelope symbol for PiVision4 2018 hackathon


Further Development

Add envelope curves 



Hans Robeers, Denis Gauder, Peter Gerlings, Mikhail  Koloskov