A Journey Towards a Digital Transformation in the Process Industries Chapter 1-3 Draft

Blog Post created by OABASCUR Employee on Aug 25, 2016

The Quest for Operational Excellence

Technological change is ripe with challenges. And some of the most significant challenges are cultural not technical in nature. Business practices have to be updated, teams and employees have to be trained, and management has to believe in the value of innovation.


OSIsoft has watched many of our customers undertake profound digital transformations. To share what we have learned, we have started work on a book “A Journey towards an Industrial Digital Transformation in the Process Industries.” The book follows the successful digital transformation of a fictional oil refinery, but the lessons of technological innovation and change management apply across industries. The attached PDF is a rough draft of the first three chapters.


If you have time, we would love your feedback on the book. We have set up an anonymous 5-minute survey for readers to submit their feedback. We will use this feedback to understand the interest and best approach to making this a valuable read for all.


From Das earlier posting on August 19, 2016