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Create External AF table in AF Server 2016 R2 onwards

Blog Post created by Paurav Joshi Champion on Dec 29, 2017

Hello Folks,


We want to get SQL data in AF, so we created external AF table using SQL query. At the time of creation we got an error (first time I have encountered):

We thought might be external table has been disabled like mentioned in error and followed the procedure as mentioned here :

As we can see in screenshot (above) EnableExternalDataTables is True and ExternalDataTablesAllowNonImpersonatedUsers is False. When we create AF Table with SQL query we supply password like below, so it is NonImpersonatedUser:

Once we have enabled it via the following command, we can connect to external tables now.

As seen in the screenshot, after changing AF System configuration either we should wait for 5 minutes or restart AF Server services.


P.S.: You can see the same configuration @ [PIFD].[dbo].[AFSystemConfig] table under SQL Server .

          I saw this behavior in AF Server 2016 R2 onwards.


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