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"the only time series platform that was architected from the ground up to handle time series data"

Blog Post created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Feb 13, 2018

When I clicked on the "Write a New Blog Post" it says next to it "Share your thoughts". Here is something I was thinking about today...


Everyone knows that for any system or application in use there is almost always an alternative that you could use, either open-source, free, or costs more than what you pay today. Well it is always good to keep abreast of what is going on in the market, especially as we have all been using time-series data for the last [insert number here] years, in my case over 17 years - I'm sure some of you much longer than that.


There is a wave of emerging time-series storage system popping up every week, some open source, some bolt-on to other systems, some closed source & very powerful. Most lack the maturity and sophistication of the PI System, but some have great hype and promise. It was in the latest wave of hype that I came across a quote, which as a long term PI addict got my attention and my slightly frowning face.

“We saw a significant opportunity emerging with time series platforms, and it was clear that InfluxData is the market leader. More importantly, it is the only time series platform that was architected from the ground up to handle time series data.”


No secret on who it is, InfluxData with their InfluxDb time-series store (which I've used extensively too). This was a recent press release with the quote:



Now the quote was from a Venture Capitalist firm so what do they know.


Anyway, there are some interesting quotes in the article and some interesting metrics over on db-engines.com.

I wanted to get some other reactions from my fellow PI geeks...am I being overly sensitive?