Rhys Kirk

Digital Assistant for the PI System

Blog Post created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Oct 1, 2018

Hello Everyone.


I've missed everyone on PI Square! I have been locked in a dark room where I wasn't allowed out until I had built a digital voice assistant for the PI System. I've recently emerged from that room and have a prototype of that very Digital Voice Assistant.

The below video gives you a brief view of it for a client that is going to use it in their software. Watch the video and send me your thoughts, comments etc.


Tacit Digital Voice Assistant Prototype - Early Look Demo Accessing the OSIsoft PI System on Vimeo

Every superhero needs a Digital Assistant; Iron Man has J.A.R.V.I.S., Google has the Google Assistant, Amazon has the Alexa, and now the PI System has P.A.T.


I'm now able to do a lot more rapid functionality to enable a lot of functionality against the PI System, mostly focused on data retrieval and manipulation initially...but ultimately you could ask P.A.T. to do a lot of things with the PI System! (Imagine creating an AF Analysis on the fly by asking for it!!!)

It will soon work against OSIsoft Cloud Services too, where you can use SDS Types to drive natural language requests like I do with AF Templates - although all of that is super secret stuff that runs in the cloud with a bunch of super cool cloud stuff from Microsoft, AWS and others.