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PI Vision - Digital Voice Assistant - P.A.T.

Blog Post created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Oct 3, 2018

Hello everyone.


After my first intro into P.A.T. here: Digital Assistant for the PI System

I decided to go and make P.A.T. available in PI Vision! The idea is that if you have a specific display where you would want users to be able to ask questions about the data, typically:


- They don't want to build displays but need information

- They don't have OSIsoft tools like PI System Explorer

- They don't know enough about the PI System in general to find the right information


However, they do know their plant/equipment/process so they can ask sensible questions about those. P.A.T. is the secret sauce between the users and the PI System to help bridge that knowledge gap.

If a user is looking at a PI Vision display with context already set (by way of an Element or Attribute) then P.A.T. has a jump start to help answer any questions it gets.


The aim is to make it as easy as possible to get to the right information.


Below is a look at the first iteration of the custom symbol for PI Vision.

I didn't have time to synthesise Dr Pat Kennedy's actual voice so we have to make do with Google's UK Male Voice.

Digital Assistant for PI Vision on Vimeo



Digital Assistant for PI Vision from Rhys Kirk on Vimeo.