Symasol - Visualisation-virtual hackathon 2018 - Event frame navigator

Blog Post created by SymasolFrancois on Apr 16, 2018


That was our first hackathon with OSI and it was a blast for all team members; Christian Gagnon, Vivien Dumont, Ethan Yandow and myself;Francois Bergeron.


Our project consists of a Gantt like event frame visualization control.  Our objective with this toll is to be able to visualize operational events relative to others.

Shift, downtime, production order, lot, etc.  We also wanted to add a twist to it and offer the possibility to write back to AF for manual data entry attributes and reason.  Since we were at it, why not throw a grid as well .


Hackathon 2018 Event viewer control.png


Hackathon 2018 Attribute viewer control.png


The details of the control can be found in the attached the PDF file


The repository is here



Thank a lot for this!

The Symasol team