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This is a project to be submitted to the OSISoft 2017 User's Conference PI Coresight Hackathon. This project is a proof of concept for determining if Google's new Augmented Reality project, Google Tango, would be useful and applicable to consumers of PI and its systems. This project is a combination of an Android Application and a PI Coresight Symbol. The idea is to get a 2D map Using Tango, then we created an application that can be used to set waypoints while navigating a facility. Tango creates a blueprint of the area as our application incorporates the waypoints we set into Tango’s mapping of an area being navigated. Once the waypoints and floor plan are captured, you can then export the image of the to the PI Coresight symbol. From here you simply drag and drop the image into the symbol, and then it will detect the waypoints on the map. After that, you are then able to associate the waypoints with PI Points and have data show up on the floor plan. The idea is to allow users to get a floor plan of their facility and associate certain points with data, which would allow for easier monitoring of elements and facilities. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.






Team Doomguy PIVision Hackathon Entry - YouTube


Github source code:

GitHub - Bathon/PROJECT-OPERATION-PI-TANGO-DOOM-3D-CORESIGHT: This will be the repository for the Javascript code (source code for the Coresight symbol)


GitHub - Johnathan-P-Burns/PROJECT-OPERATION-PI-TANGO-DOOM-3D: Google Tango app to map facilities for the Floor Plan PI (source code for the android application)



  • Johnathan Burns
  • Andrew Bathon
  • Phillip Little
  • Simon Boka