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Blog Post created by akonstantinidis on Dec 9, 2019

As we work to create more content for OSIsoft's YouTube Learning channel, making our videos as accessible as possible is key to serving the growing community of customers, employees and PI enthusiasts. OSIsoft is a global company and extending the access of our audience to resources and content will enable better communication and collaboration.  Subtitles don't just make video content more accessible to people that have hearing difficulties or don't speak English. They also allow videos to be viewed in environments where audio might be unavailable or inappropriate.


This is where your assistance would be invaluable.



Translation Process

We recently enabled community contributions for all our YouTube content. This allows our viewers and subscribers to submit their translations of subtitles, descriptions, and video titles.


These are then reviewed and if approved are made available on the video page via the subtitles button. Translated descriptions and titles will automatically be shown, based on user location. YouTube also automatically shows translation contributors in the video description.



Although YouTube does a pretty good job in creating automatic subtitles, and even translating them, this isn't always perfect. It can, however, be a helping hand in getting you started with your translation, by completing a large percentage of the task for you. You can then focus on correcting the mistakes of the automated process which is a lot less work than starting from scratch.


Submit your own YouTube translations

To begin contributing, simply pick a video you’d like to translate and click on the "Add subtitles" option. You can then select your language and begin translating over the original English transcription.  Don't forget to click on the "Auto-translate" button to make the job easier.


When your done submit your translation and we'll give it a proofreading. Once approved it, it will be instantly published and made available to other users. If we find any issues with the translation, we’ll let you know via the Community Contributions page.


If we miss any errors, you also have the option to correct and improve existing translations.



Thank you

Before submitting your translation, make sure to check the "Credit my contribution" box. This will allow us to acknowledge your name, effort and contribution in the comments section or in one of our future videos.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and to everyone who is considering it. The PI community is diverse, world wide and extremely important to OSIsoft. Now you can help us transform someone's world today.


Click on the image below to watch a video and learn more.