Pi vision - Designating displays

Blog Post created by aminchio on Sep 27, 2018

To share Pi Vision displays with specific users only:


The AF server that PI Vision is accessing needs to be in a domain.

You can share the displays with everyone, but then everyone who has access to PI Vision will be able to read all displays.

All users will need to be in a domain as well -

     Creating accounts on local machines that share the same username and password does not work - After testing, you can only designate that user account as the owner which means they will have write access to the display.

     Using credentials manager yields the same result.

     The domain user account will need a mapping in the AF server as well.

     A domain certificate will also be needed for users to see the displays. However as a work around, each user can create a self signed certificate but if there are a lot of PI Vision users, this process will take time as each user will need to be a local admin of their machine.


Once everything is set up correctly you can follow this video: OSIsoft: Share PI Coresight 2016 Displays with Other Users & Edit Display Ownership [v3.0.0.4] - YouTube