Pump Trip Events Report using Event Frames

Blog Post created by apad22 on Jun 3, 2015



In this instance I have implemented a Pump Trip Events Report using PI Event Frames 2015 (simulated values used to show the functionality). This implementation can be used to track and analyze equipment downtime, startups, truck loading/unloading, flare/venting and any other type of process events that involves a start/end time.


Part of the analysis done in this report involves monitoring the parameters that describe the trip event, in this case we would like to monitor what is the RPM avg before and during the pump trip, flow, failure code, pump Type, operator shift as well as trip duration. we could add more process variables that we consider would help us analyze the trip event instance (other related pressures, temperatures, current, voltage, etc):



From the detected events we can generate all kind of insights that will help us to better understand our process and identify underlying problems causing the pump trips:





This is how the Event Frame template was defined in AF:



The image below corresponds to the Processbook dashboard built to monitor the RPM conditions in real time. Other process variables can be included in the trends as well:



Please let me know if you need clarification or help on how to build a report like this.


Thanks for reading!