HVAC Example Files for AF Online Course

Blog Post created by bbregenzer on Apr 30, 2020

There was recently a request for the setup files used for the HVAC example in the Online AF Course.  This follows a similar request last year and several others I’ve received via email over the years so I thought I’d finally get around to digging up some of my old backup files for the class example, cleaning them up, and posting them.  They are attached in the zip file below and given as is.  A ReadMe is included for guidance, but given that the VM used for this is long gone and I haven’t touched the files until recently, there may be a little trial and error needed to get things set up exactly as they are in the course videos.  In the comments below, please post any questions, suggestions for improvement, or guidance on using the files that you think could be helpful to others.

A bit of background and explanation for those who are interested:
Way back when, we didn’t offer a VLE by default with the class so the expectation was that students would learn the concepts from the videos and apply them to their own use cases and data on their own PI System.  This is still encouraged, and in my opinion, the best way to approach the class so the final result of the class work is something of value to the student and their organization rather than just a learning example.  But I also understand the realities that not all people have write access to a PI System with live data or would prefer the safety of building in the VLE so I decided to go ahead and post these example files.  If there is sufficient interest, then maybe I’ll pursue the possibility of building the HVAC simulation into a dedicated VLE that is packaged with the class; please let me know what you think.

Best of luck with the class and I hope you enjoy learning AF and building cool things with it!