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"The Coffee Break" % reddit Tales from Techsupport

Blog Post created by Bryan Owen on Jul 24, 2017

This 'Coffee Break' scenario is all too likely today. Technical support and their remote monitoring system are heroes in this story!


I also like the gentle reminder that control system networks are vulnerable to run of the mill malware for many reasons:

  • out of date platforms
  • fragile application software
  • regulatory burden and procedures
  • false sense of security in perimeter defenses


Fake news, or perhaps not, you can decide. Like most coffee break stories however, this one is just crazy enough to pause for a moment. Just how exposed are your systems?  The internet is increasingly accessible and enabling IoT.  Protecting control networks from the corporate network is hard enough.  Innocuous items like coffee makers, refrigerators, and televisions make this job even harder.


In the meantime you might appreciate insight from the OSIsoft User Conference panel discussion on security in your IoT networks.

Security in your IoT Networks - Panel Discussion