Bryan Owen

5-Jun-2018 Critical Infrastructure and IT/OT Integration

Blog Post created by Bryan Owen on Jun 5, 2018

Although lot has already been written about IT and OT integration there is so much more to share. So I jumped at the chance to represent a supplier’s perspective on Critical Infrastructure Protection and IT/OT integration at a recent seminar in Tokyo.

The seminar provided 360 degree viewpoints on IT/OT integration with featured speakers from:

Yuhei Inada OSIsoft Global Solutions Architect introduced the PI System. He also graciously translated my highlights on what we’ve learned from decades of IT/OT integration and collaboration with critical infrastructure operators. The english version of my presentation is attached.


I am very optimistic about the progress that has been made so far. The rate of IT/OT collaboration is accelerating. Although we have much more to do there is every reason to believe in continued success. As a caution we must go beyond industry standards – they can be useful but too slow given the pace of digitalization.