PI Vision Hackathon - Asset Insight (LTI)

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Hi Guys,


Here's team LTI presenting you our hackathon solution Asset Insight .


Our team members are:

  • Sreenivas Ravi
  • Snehal More
  • Chaya Martis
  • Ajay Kadwaikar



Problem description:

In organizations with huge AF structures, organizing the assets by creating a set of sustainable PI-AF hierarchies with known equipment helps re-usability, standardization, easy to configure, extend and integrate. Such hierarchy need laborious process to locate their assets . For example,



Problem Statement 1: Identifying underperforming asset in reference to multiple index such as Investor Performance Ratio, Operating Performance Ratio, Machine efficiency etc. Bigger the assets in quantity results less visibility to asset specific performance monitoring.

Solution: LTI’s sun burst integrated assets insight extension helps user to monitor performance & efficiency of all individual assets and their different aggregation levels or logical nodes exist the hierarchical order. It also enables user to drill down the hierarchy in order to trace the lower performing asset & it’s respective alerts or failure notice.



Problem Statement 2: If one asset breaks down in a  plant, it could be an isolated incident. However, if several assets break down at the same time in the same power plant, it could be indicative of a larger issue at hand. Having the ability to immediately visualize such problems and act upon it is critical for damage control and repair.



Solution: This solution delivers asset specific event frame traceability for entire asset hierarchy in a single dashboard & helps user with quicker detection of failures or events. Its also enables user to find the faulty root element in a lower level of a hierarchically structured assets & take necessary corrective action to find root cause further.




  1. Display all AF assets across the AF hierarchy

  2. Auto refresh AF hierarchy shown in symbol to display newly added/removed elements

  3. View monitored attributes current values

  4. Visibility of asset attributes that have a breakdown/issues.

  5. The assets with issue are highlight in red.

  6. The assets are under continuous blink to indicate events for asset until events are closed.



Here is Glimpse of the solution

AF Hierarchy :

PI Vision Sunburst extension:



Our video here demonstrates the features that are available.



GitHub - SreenivasRavi/PiVision-Extension-Development: PiVision extension development for Hackathon 2018



Future Development:

  1. Averaging applied on display attributes need to be made configurable.

  2. Represent events details on a table/on hover



  • npm sunburst chart.
  • To install use the following:$npm i sunburst-chart


Thanks and Regards

Chaya Martis