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Blog Post created by cuppuluri Employee on Mar 13, 2017

Project Description

The motivation behind this project is to enhance the “Navigation Link” experience of Coresight. Currently, Coresight supports adding links to other Coresight displays or external sites to symbols on display. While this feature works as intended, it is difficult for users to know, just by looking at the display, whether the display has any navigation links.

In our project, we used the Tool Pane Extension feature of the Coresight Extensibility model to create a new navigation tool pane that provides Navigation Link information for displays. With this feature, when a user opens a display, the navigation tool pane automatically populates a list of displays/links defined on the current display.




Users can interact with the tool pane in the following ways:

  • Click on the link name – This action opens the link in a new tab
  • Drill-in – This action opens the linked display in the same window


  • Users can navigate to any link visible in the hierarchy without using the browser back button. This makes it easier to remember and navigate to parent and child displays, with a fluid single page application experience.
  • Asset context and time context are passed to child displays if this option is selected while configuring the link.
  • Hovering over the links on the tool pane highlights the symbol associated with the link. This helps us in identifying symbols with navigation links.

Who Will Use This?

This feature is intended for Coresight users who use Navigation Links on their displays.

Why Use This?

This feature can be used for the following reasons:

  • Gives a high-level preview of displays linked to current display.
  • Makes it easy to navigate between parent and child displays.
  • Makes it easy to know which symbols on display have navigation links.


Project Video

US 2017 Hackathon - Project Demo - YouTube

GitHub Repository

GitHub - charanuvs/mcga-hackathon-2017


Project Team

Michael Ferster, Gaurav Verma, Charan Uppuluri