Batch Roadmap Update with PI Server 2015 - It's out!

Blog Post created by dcasazza on Jul 1, 2015

To all our Batch Customers,


I wanted to give an update to our Batch Customers as to where we stand with our Batch Roadmap to Event Frames.  With the release of PI Server 2015's Batch to Event Frames Migration feature, customers can now begin to get ready for their move to Event Frames.  Compared to PI Batch, Event Frames will offer:

  • Increased functionality via AF attributes and templates,
  • Unlimited events per unit,
  • Increased scalability to millions of events on a unit,
  • Enterprise support (via Microsoft SQL Server),
  • High Availability Write architecture support and
  • Support for our newest technologies (PI AF SDK, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI ODBC, PI JDBC, PI Web API)


Those customers who do not need Overlay Trends (available now as a Beta of PI Coresight 2015), Advanced Batch Search capabilities (in the future for PI Coresight), or compliance reporting (announced with RtReports 4.0) can look to migrating.  We encourage all PI Batch customers to start to evaluate the migration process, gain experience in a test environment, and give us feedback on what we can improve in the process.


Customers that have customized PI ProcessBook batch functions, custom interfaces/apps or 3rd party applications) will need to start evaluating how best to migrate their custom code before transitioning to Event Frames.  For complicated or extensive custom reconfiguration, I'd like to understand our batch customer's specific issues, so please reach out and contact me at my email address below so I can review and understand your specific barriers to migrating to Event Frames.


As customers start to evaluate migration and develop their site migration strategy, we are in the process of rolling out a Migration Workshop during Q3 2015, one that starts to prepare customers for migration. The workshop will be available via an on-site session with our Field Service Team, and will focus on a review of the batch generation, S88 model, and how customers can utilize the power of event frames for batch applications. The workshop concludes with a test of the migration process with a copy of your PI Batch data.  You can contact your account manager to get more information regarding this offering, or any other support you may need related to your migration strategy.


Please continue to monitor the Product Roadmap for the latest details on release dates to important products.   For more details about the state of Batch in the PI System, please refer to our recent presentation at the San Francisco UC in April entitled Batch Migration to Event Frames.


If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at DCasazza@osisoft.com or Todd Brown at tbrown@osisoft.com.


Thanks for being so patient with us as we get closer to being able to move all PI Batch customers to Event Frames.


Dave & Todd