PI ProcessBook in 2018

Blog Post created by dhollebeek on Jan 28, 2018

Hi all,


Just wanted to give a quick update on several ProcessBook items.


The ProcessBook Support Tool has completed formal testing and should be released very soon. Since this version has gone through the standard development life-cycle it will be posted on the tech support site for anyone to download. You will no longer have to specifically request it from Tech Support. For those who have been using the tech support version, this version is very similar but has been upgraded to .Net 4. Now that there is a development life-cycle for this tool, there will be updates later in the year to address several reported bugs along with some new functionality. The most notable feature of this tool is the ability to search and replace either a server (AF or Data Archive) or a tag with another one for a set of PIWs/PDIs/SVGs in one bulk operation. It also can be used to convert a list of PDI files into a list of SVG files, and more.


As far as internationalization goes, a new version of the Language Selection Tool based on .Net 4 will also be released soon. Once this is complete, there will be no need for .Net 3 for any configuration of ProcessBook. This Language Selection Tool version will also be included in other products as they are released. We have received many concerns about the future of the ProcessBook MUI. While I can't give you a firm commitment on that at this time, we are considering issuing a new MUI for ProcessBook 2018.


There is also a patch that is in the works called ProcessBook 2015 R2 SP2. This leverages the lastest AF SDK to use AF Data Pipes rather than polling AF for data. This results in a significant performance increase for trends, especially on networks with high latency (WANs, etc).


PI ProcessBook 2018 is currently targeted for the 2nd quarter.


That is all for now,



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