Am I a Geek to find this funny?

Blog Post created by djohn Employee on Feb 12, 2018

This evening I was reviewing a presentation for an OSIsoft webinar on the 15th of Feb 2018, by the Mera Group, and their customer Nutrien, for IT/OT Best Practices for the PI System. My better half walked in and caught me laughing while reviewing the slides. I received a blank stare when I told her what I was laughing at.


Is it me or is this not a funny quote “Without AF, a PI Server is basically a pile of tags”. ?


Even after an explanation, her facial expression did not change. I proceeded to share the idea this would be great to print it on a T-Shirt and hand out at OSIsoft's PI World user conference in April. At that point I think she lost the will to humor me and left the room.

Is this is a great quote? Should we print it on a t-shirt and hand them out at PI World?

“Without AF,  PI Server is basically a pile of tags”


Thank you Bob McKintyre from Nutrien for brightening up my evening!