Team UnhandledException's Virtual Visualization Hackathon 2017 Submission

Blog Post created by edng on Mar 11, 2017

Team UnhandledException's submission for Virtual Visualization Hackathon 2017. Our team is composed of Mike Suttie, Edwin Ng, and Jerry Vin.


One recurring question when working with our clients is:

                How do the metrics for this one asset compare to my other similar assets?

The asset comparison table is a great addition to Coresight 2017 that helps answer this question. However, when dealing with a great number of assets and attributes in live view, this might get overwhelming trying to identify assets that differ in performance between assets. Our team took the idea of the asset comparison table, and condensed it into a simple and easily understandable dashboard symbol using the element's AF template. This could be useful to anyone across an enterprise.

  • Maintenance can view which of their pumps are overheating.
  • Operations can view which chocolate chip depositor is producing more or less than others.
  • Engineering could view performance KPIs to help predict equipment failure.
  • Corporate could view overall site KPIs to determine where to allocate resources.



This symbol requires selection of one asset attribute and the element to be in a template. Once selected, the symbol is brought to the screen area. The symbol is created with the D3 library and will perform the following.

  1. Get parent element of selected attribute.
  2. Get template of Parent Element.
  3. Get all Elements that follow the above template.
  4. Get screen end time values of attributes selected across all elements.
  5. Plot the above values in bins in a histogram for comparison.

This allows for rapid, at-a-glance comparison of how assets are performing relative to each-other based on specified attributes values.When viewing this symbol, the user also has the following options via the configuration menu.

  1. Select assets to compare.
  2. Select attribute to compare.
  3. Specify number of bins to have a wider or narrower resolution.
  4. Specify color of various items.
  5. Specify time period after which data is indicated as stale.

Other features that the symbol adds:

  • Tool-tip asset and attribute value identification.
  • Identification of stale/bad data.


Video Demo: Virtual Hackathon 2017 - Unhandled Exception - YouTube (Video may need to be paused to read comments)


Source Code: GitHub - msuttie/visualization-virtual-hackathon: Osisoft 2017 Hackathon