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PI Visualization Hackathon - JKS Staleness Alert Tree

Blog Post created by Eugene Lee on Mar 13, 2017

Team JKS (Japan, Korea, Singapore) would like to present our PI Visualization Hackathon entry. Our solution will allow users to get alerts when problematic assets have stale attributes within their AF hierarchy. This alert is shown in AF hierarchy tree enhancing visibility of their problematic assets.


Our team members are


Problem description:

In organizations with huge AF structures, people often have issues having a mental map of where their assets are located. For example, if one pump breaks down in a power plant, it could be an isolated incident. However, if several pumps break down at the same time in the same power plant, it could be indicative of a larger issue at hand. Having the ability to immediately visualize the problem and act upon it is critical for damage control and repair. Currently, PI Notifications allows us to receive alerts on individual attributes but doesn't give us the ability to group these alerts together easily.



  1. Monitor multiple attributes for staleness
  2. Display all AF databases across all AF servers
  3. Recognize which assets have attributes that have gone stale in the past (even after they begin to update again)
  4. Auto refresh AF hierarchy shown in symbol to display newly added/removed elements
  5. Directly link to PI Vision Adhoc trends for assets with issues
  6. Collapsible tree to focus on crucial assets
  7. View monitored attributes' current values





Our video here demonstrates the features that are available.

PI Visualization Hackathon - JKS Staleness Alert Tree




GitHub - elee3/vizhack2017: OSIsoft Visualization Hackathon 2017


Future Development:

  1. Alert based on criteria other than staleness such as exceeding thresholds limits
  2. Remove the reliance on a html file
  3. Change the bullet symbol of the tree to indicate expanded/collapsed state (+/- instead of a square)
  4. Collapse the tree to the database level when initially added