My first attempt at capturing downtime events automatically, using PI AF Analyses and Event Frames

Blog Post created by gavin.strack Champion on Apr 21, 2015

G'day PI^2,


After attending the "Assets and Analytics using PI AF" course last week, I couldn't wait to get back to work to start building asset hierarchies and event frames.


I thought I'd start off with a basic asset hierarchy using some of the element templates I had created prior to the course.  I also built a couple of new ones for some new asset types I hadn't considered.  I thought I'd start with the main physical assets (e.g. tanks, mills, motors, etc) as well as the main instrumentation types.




I then created Leach Tank assets, with tank agitator and associated instruments as children of the tank asset.


I picked an easy downtime event for my first one, and decided to use the motor current of the tank agitator as a trigger.  So I built an Event Frame template for "Motor Offline", which looked at the max, min and average current for 5 minutes prior to the event.




  Using a template, I set up an Analysis that looks at the "Current" attribute value and create an event frame whenever this attribute had a value of less than 2 Amps.




Next, I enabled and backfilled the Analyses for a few weeks and verified that they were running...all good.




Then I ran an event frame search to confirm events were being triggered.  I found 6 events over the past few weeks.




Agitators turn on and off all the time and aren't necessarily an indication of downtime, but I wanted to keep it simple for now to see if I could get this set up on our Prod server.  Everything looks pretty good so far and worked just like it did in the course using the demo environment.  I might add some additional arguments to the Analysis trigger to give a more representative indication of asset downtime, but I'll use what I've built for now to get some reporting set up.


I'm going to set up PI Notifications next so I can start getting downtime event emails working.