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"I Square it!"

Posted by gregor Dec 2, 2015

While registration for OSIsofts Users Conference 2016 in San Francisco has opened these days we are still proudly looking back at a successful EMEA Users Conference 2015. Prague … what a great city!


We saw many partners and customers presenting their success stories with PI. I like to specifically point to the joint keynote for PI Developers Club, presented by Michael Boyce (Sandvik), Frank Botnevik (Amitec) and Ahmad Fattahi (OSIsoft). It’s a great story about a long lasting project that was turned into success by joining forces. If you haven’t had the chance to see this short presentation in Prague, please take the time to watch the recording. During the preparation of the presentation we asked Michael and Frank how PI Square / PI Developers Club has helped them with their efforts. It was Frank from Amitec coining the phrase: “I don’t Google it, I Square it!” and everybody loved the phrase!


We are well aware that many of you use PI Square and PI Developers Club to lookup information. You do, like Frank does, “Square” for information. While we at OSIsoft are aiming for an even more active community of users that help each other and share knowledge, we should take a moment to look at what we have accomplished with your help: A valuable knowledgebase. Thank you all!


Frank Botnevik is this month’s Featured PI Geek. Congratulations Frank, you deserve it!