Jerome Lefebvre

Localization tricks - Translating Enumeration set

Blog Post created by Jerome Lefebvre on Feb 21, 2018

Here is a simple AF trick.


It is sometime useful to translate the values of enumeration sets. For example, to display a label in a different languages.

If the original data is stored in a tag, then all you need to do is have to PI Point Data Reference pointing to the same tag, but the data type of each would be the two enumeration sets.

If the data is coming as the output of analysis, then you don't have that option. Here is how you can still do it.


I have in the attribute "状態" the original enumeration value, to get a translated English version, I created the "State" Formula data reference attribute.

The reason why to use a formula, is that a formula will return the numerical value of an enumeration state and not the text value.

Thus, all you need to do is create a formula that refers to the 状態 attribute and outputs that value. You can then set the of the "State" attribute to get the translation of the attribute.