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Getting Started with PI Web API using Postman - v1.0 TechCon course

Blog Post created by Jerome Lefebvre on Apr 29, 2018


The new version of the training here: Getting Started with PI Web API using Postman v1.1

I am no longer monitoring this training to see if the requests still work against the Public PI Web API endpoint. Please be aware that some of the requests may no longer work.



I taught the introductory PI Web API course at this year's PI World 2018 in San Francisco. The feedback I received from those who took the training has been very positive, I thus wanted to share the training with the community.


This course introduces PI Web API and is intended for those with familiarity with a PI System, yet have never used PI Web API.

It uses the Public PI Web API endpoint and thus requires only a connection to the Web and a SSO account. That is, you do not need access to a local PI System!

It also makes use of the free third party tool: Postman | API Development Environment .

The training is targeted at PI Web API 2017, but should work with 2017 R2 and 2018.


How to install Postman and import the training is included in the attached document. Feel free to add comments below!