Lehigh University Silicon Valley CS Track (LSV++ 2018) visits OSIsoft for Edge Workshop and Hack

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Welcome Lehigh Students...


We hope you enjoyed the workshop, now comes time for the short hackathon.


Your challenge is to take your new found power and create something new that shows off your new found skills.

We are short on time so your efforts may vary from work at the Open Edge Module to work in PI Vision.

To submit your entry, create a personal blog post and add a link to it as a comment to this post, See below of details...


We will review each team's results on PI Square to see if your team wins the grand prize to take home the Raspberry Pi kits for everyone in your team!


Good Luck!



Other Information

Some Key Data:

In addition to your sensors, we have some data from the building, you are free to combine any data you want.  As a starting point, the training room you are in contains elements are Sensors for room 134 - are part of  VAVRH 1-05, VAVRH 1-04..

To create a Blog


The first step is to create a Single Sign On account with OSIsoft:
Need to create an SSO Account?

Then create your personal blog post, click the pencil in the upper right hand corner and select Blog Post .


All submissions will be done through PI Square. In order to submit your project you will need to create a blog post; you can save it as a draft and make it public at the end of the event.


The hackathon ends time TBD, and please remember each blog post submission should have the following:

  • A description of the general purpose of your project, your goals (required)
  • Picture(s) of your project in use even a selfie (required)
  • If code was created: A link to your GitHub repository where your source code is located. Please note that all source code must be published under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • You or one of your team members will need a GitHub account, and you will need to create a new repository in your personal GitHub account to host your work.

  • Optional: A Video that demonstrates your efforts.



Some Background Links

Explanation of IoT -  

PI System Basics

Foglamp -


Video total time: 20 minutes