Revolution for Perfect Plant (Real Time Data, Metadata, A&E) ?

Blog Post created by lalit Champion on Aug 10, 2016

Alarm & Events for any plant is crucial and hard to manage, alarm list became flooded with maintenance alarms, control permits, multiple trip indications, mistuned alarm limits, and Smart Device information.


My imagination towards a model system infrastructure for a Perfect Plant that can handle time series Operation data, Assets metadata & Plant Alarm & Event database together in PI Data Infrastructure with all features with Alarm & Event rationalization & collection which can solve issues for Alarm & Event management:

1. Filtering of Alarms & Events

2. Reduction in nuisance alarms

3. DCS vendor independent for Alarm & Event collection (connects to any control system –DCS, SCADA, PLC or metering system)

4. Customizable, role-based dashboards & KPI's for Alarm & Events

5. Rule definition and Event categorization quality

6. Linking of Operational data & Alarm & Event to strengthen Event frame

7. Features like Alarm shelving & Masking to stop alerts during maintenance and alarm floods

8. All alarm column rationalization to identify current, active, unacknowledged, and disabled alarms.

9. Report features for History Report, Alarm Flood Report, Shift KPI report.


PI Infrastructure is Excellent & Super with Operation data & Assets metadata management with great features of PI & PI AF together but wanted to see one more such revolutionary tool with PI to manage Alarm & Events.


I am very much excited and energized to see this revolution, I’d love to hear what you think about this..... Let me know in the comments what do you think ?