PI Coresight 2016 - SQL Server Cannot Be Reached

Blog Post created by lance.okonowski on Sep 15, 2016

While updating to PI Coresight 2016 from Coresight 2014, I ran into an error when trying to connect to the PI Coresight Database on the Admin Page. The error read: "Changes saved successfully, however, SQL Server cannot be reached. Check the server's event log for details."  The SQL Server label had a red X next to it, and the database label a yellow triangle.


My settings were:

     SQL Server: <SQL Server Name>\<Instance>

     Database: Coresight


This is actually a bug that was discovered. The server is connected to Coresight. This was tested by me doing a few things:

  1. Create a new display, verify the display is saved.
  2. Create a new display pulling only PI data, verify the display is saved.
  3. Create a new display pulling only AF Data, verify the display is saved.
  4. Add a label to the display, verify the label is saved.

* Verifying was done by looking in the Database that the settings were configured for, as well as viewing the data in the Coresight Display.