PI ProcessBook 2015

Blog Post created by ldieffenbach on Feb 24, 2015

I am delighted to announce that the PI ProcessBook team has been able to produce a Beta to coincide with the PI Server 2015 Beta 3 release. You may have seen the announcement last week that this PI Server beta has become available, featuring:

  • support for data with timestamps into the future
  • a migration path for Batch data into Event Frames

and various other improvements.


Since the main new capability of PI ProcessBook 2015 is support for those Future Tags, the team wanted to provide a Beta as a companion for customer testing. In order to have a timely offering, the PI ProcessBook beta is not completely system tested, so we decided to make it available only by request. We've focused on those customers who are working with the new future tag capabilities in the PI Server betas.


There is a variety of other changes in this beta that address customer requests, but we scoped the level of effort to those things that could be completed by the time the main new capabilities were ready. The Release Notes fully detail which items we've addressed.

While we await feedback from our Beta customers, the PI ProcessBook team is focused on finishing their testing so that a release can be made as soon as possible.


Best regards everyone,

Laurie Dieffenbach