Servelec Team 1 - Visualization Virtual Hackathon 2018: Submission

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Symbol to show PI Interface status’s using data from Uniint Health Points. This will show the values from the health points along with configured stale monitoring tags. This will include a traffic light status.


Technical Specification


The custom symbol produces a table of values derived from Interface UniInt Health Points.  As these exist for all UniInt PI Interfaces the symbol can be used for any/all OSISoft PI Interfaces.


The symbol could be used by any PI System Administrators to build PI Vision Displays to monitor the health of PI Interfaces.


The setup in AF requires the UniInt PI Health points to be mapped to AF Attributes.  This process could be automated by using the "String Builder" reference types to build the UniInt health points names based on the pointsource and hostname of the PI Interface.



The table in the symbol iterates over the AF Attributes added to the symbol, therefore, if the number of UniInt Health points required is less than the number configured in AF then the table is dynamically built based on the number of AF Attributes added in to the symbol.


The Trend on the symbol displays a trend of values based on the PI Vision display time range for a number of PI Points configured in AF.  These PI Points should be from the PI Interface and will display a visual indication of any sale data / bad data.


The traffic light in the symbol is just a status of Bad or Good and would be configured to use AF Analytics to check the status of the interface based on the status returned in the Health Points and the status of the underlying data from the PI Points configured for monitoring in AF.  If the data is good and the status of the interface is good a good status would be returned.  If however either the status is Bad or the underlying data in the PI Pojnts is stale or bad then the interface status (and therefore the traffic light) would display a bad status.



Final Submission


Servelec Team 1 - OSIsoft Virtual Hackathon - PI Interface Monitor - YouTube


The code for the PI Interface Monitoring symbol can be found in the following Git Hub repository


GitHub - Thebigcheese1901/Serverlec-Team-1-Hackathon


Hackathon Day Blog


Well the day of the Hackathon has arrived, my first one and with not being a developer it’s all new to me and a tiny bit overwhelming. To set the scene our breakfast was supplied very kindly by ‘the boss’ and has now settled nicely, we have the chilled music in the background along with cans of coke and irn-bru nicely chilling in the fridge. Crisps and sweets are on hand and we are now ready to dive into PI for the next 12hrs.


The aim of today is to create something magical – no, not a Unicorn – but something just as special.

Believe me it will be well worth waiting for!


First step was to gather requirements:


3 x Technical experts/developers

1 x non developer

McDonalds breakfast


Lots of Juice

Lots of sweets (for energy)






Good Music



The TEAM have now starting speaking in their own technical language, Marija’s 6 espresso shots have kicked in, Lionel Ritchie is singing gently in the background and I’m slowly picking up pieces of PI.


Marija has started creating the AF database and Leslie and Jonathan are deep in conversation. Then the tapping on the keyboards begins with great gusto. Jonathan has taken a small break to munch on some Haribo’s, he must still be hungry after his (Mc)sausage and egg bagel (the boss did give him strict instructions that the very large amount of cans, crisps, Snickers, Twix and various Haribo packs were not just for us today but for the other 2 sessions too. Wonder if he was listening)?


Hit a small issue with SSL directory but Leslie’s expertise along with a drink of Irn-Bru fixed this within seconds. Marija now working on the various attributes required. One vision is coming together.


Attributes setup and tags created. Leslie & Jonathan are working on PI Vision. Discussions taking place and everyone is once again deep in thought and concentration. Temperature rising as we reach the half way point.


Marija has confirmed that data now coming through from the created tags. Jonathan and Leslie working on the PI Vision coding.


Working on the trend analysis now – thinks are looking good.