Operational analytics going beyond the plant floor

Blog Post created by rbaker Employee on Jul 19, 2016

In June we did a survey of our EMEA and NA customer base to find out more about what our customers are planning to do with PI System data.  We had nearly 700 respondents and of that 324 were planning to use PI data in either data warehousing projects or would be visualizing the PI data in visualization platforms like Tableau.   That's a fairly large % of the respondents and suggests that analytics driven by the IT group would be wanting to get data out of the PI System.


Like most business intelligence or data science projects, data preparation for the analytic record is the most time consuming obstacle so tools like OSIsoft's business systems integrators should be well received by a large portion of our installed based.  74% of our customers are preparing from 3-11 data sets in creating the analytics ready record so the time savings and repeatability of the process should easily generate an ROI for the software's purchase.


We just need to get the word out so others can achieve the these benefits.