Robert Raesemann

New Years Resolutions of a  the PI Geek 2015

Blog Post created by Robert Raesemann on Dec 30, 2014

A couple of years ago I posted a set of PI Geek resolutions, and it started some pretty good conversations and I picked up a few good ideas. Here are my thoughts for 2015.



The last time I posted, there were several new PI technologies that I still needed to explore. This year, I feel like I have done a pretty good job of making use of all of the PI technologies. I don't feel like there is much in the way of new things that I need to explore; I'm going to concentrate on refining my processes and becoming better. I'm writing this fully expecting the conversation to uncover some new things that I really need to explore.



1. Refine and improve my development processes. I've been working with git, unit testing, mocking, etc. to make my development process better. I've found that the git workflow ( has made supporting deployed software so much easier. I can maintain a working and deployable copy of the software while simultaneously developing a new feature and maybe working on a spur of the moment bug fix. It has been a lifesaver. Likewise, unit testing and using JustMock allow me to debug my code more thoroughly before the client ever sees it. If I run into a bug in production, I make sure to add tests to ensure that it doesn't pop back up later as I add features or make other bug fixes. Writing code so that it is more easily mocked and testable is a little bit of an art form in my opinion, and I need to concentrate and practice this.

2. Azure. Wow, there are a lot of features and architectures to explore here, and I haven't even started. Hopefully, I'll run into a project that will give me an excuse to spend some time on it. Otherwise, I'll have to come up with an excuse.

3. C# 6. New features to learn here (, and quite frankly there are still some C# 5 features that I need to work on.

3 ASP.NET vNext, Roslyn, and .Net Core, plus the open sourcing of .Net itself. There is a lot of to information and implications to assimilate. Need to explore it all.

4. PI Cloud Connect. OK, OSIsoft guys, Microsoft gives me Azure credits as part of MSDN to encourage me to experiment and learn. Maybe we could get some access as part of our PI Developer subscription?

5. Internet of Things (IOT). I've bought a couple micro controllers from, and plan to play with them. I'm hoping that maybe the PI WebAPI might make a little PI integration a possibility.


I'm looking forward to hearing from other PI Geeks. How are you looking to up your game in 2015?