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2018 Visualization Hackathon Submission for Team "Anything for a Prize" - PI Vision 4 3D Boiler Heat Map Visualization

Blog Post created by Robert Raesemann on Apr 16, 2018

3D Boiler Heat maps in PI Vision 4

The motivation for our PI Vision Extension extends from the request of a Power Generation Company. This company has many fossil fuel-fired boilers that sometimes develop hotspots from combustion irregularities. Having a 3D visualization of the boiler wall thermocouple readings would enable easier identification of hot spots in the boiler walls. The boilers have thermocouple readings on three walls, the back wall, and two sides.


Since our visualization requires a more complex arrangement of data, we must bind it to a correctly formatted AF Element. This element contains the wall thermocouple readings in an array of PI Points, one array for each wall. Sub Attributes of the readings describe the array shape. For our example, we configured nine readings for each wall arranged in a three by three matrix.


The resulting PI Vision Extension shows live heatmaps of the thermocouple readings on the three boiler sides. We rotate the boiler by dragging with the left mouse button, translate the display by dragging with the right mouse button, and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.





A video of this extension is posted on Youtube


Source Code

The source code for the extension is posted on Github