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PI Vision 4: EventFrames context

Blog Post created by Roger Palmen on Apr 16, 2018

Hi all,


We have spent some time to get aquinted with PI Vision 4 and the new extensibility model. We are all no programmers, so we did spend some time on the learning curve here. But next to getting a head start on PI Vision 4, we also managed to create a symbol to display EventFrame information. The symbol simply shows EventFrames, grouped by category, along a timeline. If you align this with a Trend symbol, it gives you the EventFrame context of the Trend values:




And a short video showing the overlay: PI Vision 4 EventFrames symbol - YouTube


We make use of the amCharts library (the Javascript one, not the Angular one) to take the strain of proper rendering.

Of course, strapped for time as we had lots of project work, team members needing to spend time elsewhere, etc., so there are some items not done yet:

Open ends:

  • there is no service delivering the time of the display, and we did not change the Web API calls to make use of the timestamps provided by the OnChange handler. So timerange is fixed
  • ran out of time to do a search for Elements and Categories, so currently WebID is a configuration item, and no filtering on EF categories is done
  • a bug in  the amCharts datetime formatting of the dates in the balloon, so no formatting there

Unrealized ideas: plenty! Key item we wanted to include is writeback of Acknowledgements, Reasons, etc. Overlay of a trend, etc.


GitHub here: GitHub - RogerPalmen/PIVision4-symbols: 2018 Hackathon submission


Team: Gerald van Berkel and Roger Palmen