Roger Palmen

Showing a placeholder on PI Vision when system down for maintenance

Blog Post created by Roger Palmen on Oct 3, 2018

When parts of the PI system are down for maintenance, it might be a good idea to redirect PI Vision users to a webpage to indicate the system is not available due to maintenance.


Digging around, it turns out this is a stock feature of IIS. How to use:

  1. Create a placeholder HTML page with the filename "app_offline.htm". You could generate one here:
  2. Place the app_offline.htm file in the PI Vision root folder. This is typically located at C:\Program Files\PIPC\PIVision


And presto! No more PI Vision.


When done. just rename the app_offline.htm to e.g. app_offline_DISABLED or something similar, and PI Vision should return to normal operation.