Visualization Virtual Hackathon - PI Optics Project (OSIsoft: ODT Team)

Blog Post created by rsun on Mar 12, 2017

The goal of this project is to allow PI users to quickly view a summary of the PI System which includes tags, interfaces and machines state. This is to provide more transparency and information to every PI users. This way, users can learn, plan, improve and be optimistic about their PI infrastructure.


There are 3 features to this project. The features are as follows:

  1. Audit total tags and bad tags
    • Provides a summary count of the total tags and bad tags
    • Allow any PI users without administrator rights to view the data integrity anywhere, anytime
  2. Monitors the PI Interface
    • Provide an easier way for any PI users without administrator rights to detect failure of PI Interfaces
  3. Provides a channel for PI administrators to upload machine information generated by the OSIsoft Diagnostics Tool (ODT) into the AF Server
    • Allows a quick method to store PI machine assets in a centralized location
    • Display PI machine assets information with PI Vision
    • Allows any PI users to use the data for reporting, inventory management, restore configuration or standardize setup for the PI Infrastructure



  1. Audit.png

  2. Monitor.png

  3. ODT.png


PI Optics Project Demo - YouTube


Github source:

GitHub - rickysunkwokshing/PIOptics: OSIsoft Hackathons 2017


Future consideration:


  • Create a custom symbol to give a high level summary of a machine in PI Vision
    • Display the machine name with 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the role(s) of the computer
    • Show the roles of the machines (PI Data Archive, AF Server, Notifications Server, etc...)
  • Display correlation between machines
  • Create architecture diagram in PI Vision


OSIsoft Diagnostics Tool can be download here:


Thank you! I hope you like it. Questions and comments are welcome.


Ricky Sun - Field Service Engineer

Derek Endres - Software Developer