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PI AF examples - What do you want to see?

Customer Support is investigating developing a library of examples for PI AF.  The goal is to help you get started in PI AF or continue to expand what you do in PI AF.  These examples could consist of one or more assets or element templates and the corresponding attributes and analyses.


There are a number of areas that we could focus our efforts on. What is the top topic below that would help you? Where should we put our effort?

Poll Results
  • Help building element templates (6%)
  • Help building Event Frame templates (6%)
  • Help coming up with business use cases for PI AF (16%)
  • Help building Expression-based Analyses (8%)
  • Help building Roll-up-based Analyses (3%)
  • Help building Event Frame trigger-based Analyses (18%)
  • Examples of hierarchy in AF (11%)
  • Examples of how all the different pieces (assets, templates, analyses, and visualization) fit together (13%)
  • Help on how to visualize or analyze AF assets and analyses with PI DataLink, Excel, and PI ProcessBook (14%)
  • Something else? - Please leave a comment (4%)


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