What language(s) would you like to see online courses in?

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As we continue to develop new online courses, we are also interested in learning which online courses you feel would be beneficial to translate. Below are the current online courses that we offer, with a brief description of what they cover.


Which language(s) do you you think will be most beneficial to have online courses in?


Also be sure to vote in What online course(s) would be best to localize?


PI Clients:

Building Displays with PI ProcessBook Discussion Forum - how to create a variety of displays, such as trends and bar graphs, to monitor your process, as well as how to use assets from PI AF within PI ProcessBook to display attributes of an asset, search in AF, and build element relative displays.

Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook - how to create workbooks, data sets, XY plots, and SQC charts in PI ProcessBook as well as how to use the PI AF Display Builder.

Creating Basic Reports with PI DataLink Discussion Forum - how to create meaningful reports in Microsoft Excel using data from your PI System. Specifically, how to obtain current and archived values for a tag, as well as retrieve compressed and sampled data.


PI Administrator:

Configuring a Simple PI System - how to install and configure a PI Interface, create PI Points, and configure buffering. Additionally, how to work with some of the utilities provided with the PI System, such as PI System Management Tools and PI Interface Configuration Utility.


PI Asset Framework:

Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Discussion Forum  - how to model your processes and equipment using the PI Asset Framework (AF) Server. Specifically, how to organize assets into hierarchies and unify data from multiple sources (real-time data, metadata from relational sources, or calculated data).

Configuring Analytics with PI AF Discussion Forum  - how to set up analyses for element templates in order to deploy the analyses to individual elements, create tags in PI AF to store calculation results, and configure backfilling of analyses.


PI Developer:

Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Discussion Forum - how to use the AF SDK to develop custom applications

Configuring Calculations with PI ACE  - how to create, deploy and manage PI ACE calculations. Additionally, how to use PI AF attributes in PI ACE calculations,  reuse the same calculation for similar PI AF assets, and how to set up load balancing and high availability for PI ACE calculations.

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