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What are your thoughts on "Online-Only" documentation for PI Interfaces?

OSIsoft is considering moving PI Interfaces documentation to “online-only”. This simply means that documentation (user manuals and release notes) is not packaged with install kits. Rather, documentation will be available online and will be downloadable. One of the main drivers behind this change is to allow customers to have access to the most up-to-date documentation. Also, separating the documentation from each software update allows for a quicker release process, ultimately allowing us to get the software in your hands sooner. Before we proceed with this change, we would like to get your feedback on how this affects you.

Poll Results
  • Love this change. Having online documentation means it’s always up to date and I can also download the latest. (32%)
  • Like this change.  Appreciate having the latest documentation available, though I will have to download it from time to time. (21%)
  • Neutral about this change. (4%)
  • Concerned about this change, I find it inconvenient and may not have good internet access where I work with PI Interfaces. (40%)
  • Other – please leave a comment. (4%)


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