What next for my PI Coresight hackathon?

Poll created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Aug 19, 2015

As some of you may be aware I have been busy bolting on functionality to PI Coresight hosted ProcessBook displays, and in some parts enriching existing PI Coresight functionality. For those of you that may have missed my blog posts here they are:



More recently I looked at enhancing the time range bar, and a method for securing your ProcessBook displays:


Now I want another challenge to hack together, something that is simple but effective, or something exotic that will take some serious brain cell power to implement.

I have some suggestions below that I've been thinking about but I am also interested in anything the community would like to see, whether it is something you miss from the existing functionality, or something that you just want to see without any real use cases.

Of course comment away if there are missing options etc.




(Edit: Had to update the links to the blog posts.)

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  • Manual data entry via ProcessBook display in PI Coresight.
  • Enriching the time range with Event Frame selection.
  • Tool tips (or equivalent) showing more detail about symbols
  • Something exotic - an XY Plot based on a ProcessBook display's native definition.
  • Other - please specify