What should Clues to do next?

Poll created by pthivierge on Nov 30, 2015

Hello All,


You may or not know about Clues yet: Introduction to PI-AF-SDK-Clues Community Project


The short version is: Clues is an  AF SDK command line tool that can help in your day to day work as well as server to demonstrate how the AF SDK works.

Command line applications are easily re-usable and handy for integration / development / repetitive tasks.


I'd like your opinion to know which feature(s) you'd like to see next that would help you in your day to day work with the AFSDK.

I will propose some, but feel free to comment and propose!


You'll probably see them coming in order after that in the coming week(s).  And don't forget that if you'd like to contribute, you are very welcome   You'll find more information in the Introduction post.




I want Clues, from the command line, to be able to:

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  • Generate Random Tags and Random Data for development purpose in a single command. (and also delete those tags)
  • Create / Update / Delete Tags, based on a csv file
  • Generate tags that work with a Random interface instance, to help configure tags that generate real time data on a test PI System. (and also delete those tags)
  • Import and Export XML to create AF Objects
  • Export data from the PI System ( if so, please add a commend to explain more what type of data)
  • Other - please leave a comment.