What topics would you like to see added to this course?

Poll created by kholstein Employee on Jun 8, 2016

We value your feedback and would love to know what additional topics you'd like to see in this course. Let us know about any of the options below or feel free to write additional suggestions in the comments section! Please note that we do have other courses on system administration, Configuring a Simple PI System Discussion Forum and Implementing PI System High Availability, so please do not suggest anything that's already covered in the follow-up course.


If your suggestion isn't for the Configuring PI Data Archive Security Discussion Forum online course or any other course listed in Learn PI, let us know in the What new online courses would you like to see? poll.

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  • Asset Framework (AF) security
  • Configuring security for specific applications
  • Kerberos
  • None - the course is perfect as is
  • Other - please leave a comment