Who will be interested by a full CLOUD / externally hosted PI System (provided by OSIsoft)?

Poll created by Gael Champion on Jul 26, 2016

Hello PI Square members,


I am just doing a quick survey to know if members will be interested by a full cloud / externally hosted PI System (service provided by OSIsoft).


Let’s me give you few details of what I am thinking about and what I am DREAMING a lot.


I mean by “full CLOUD / externally hosted PI System”:

  • The PI System (PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Coresight, PI Analysis, PI notif…) is hosted in the cloud by OSIsoft and you do not care about HW, SW update and other management tasks…
  • You pay only for the tags on a monthly basis (e.g. 1 tag for 5$/month)
  • The tags licensing package starts at 5 (for example)
  • You can freely download the interface you want from the techsupport to send the data to the Cloud PI System (the price is already included in your monthly tag fee). We could use the PI Cloud Connect technology to securely send the data
  • You can consume the tag as you want (we can consider that a monthly fee could be requested for a user access to the PI Visualisation Suite)
  • Regarding archiving, you will have to pay a fee to keep the data hosted for a long term (same for your AF configuration and others…)
  • This would be great for quick projects, little companies, testing purposes...
  • This would be a new market for OSIsoft. They will be the first to do it
  • The technology is available


Do you share my dream?


PS: Let me know also your ideas.



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