PI Vision 2017 Display - asset drop down ( current) VS normal search box

Poll created by nkrstic1 on Jun 13, 2017

Hello ALL,


Several months back I have asked for a simple search box instead drop down/scroll /page turn /search function in a display mode. There was a discussion started and honestly for us that have thousands of elements such function is irreplaceable a must to have. So we were convinced that we will see this in the new PI Vision 2017. But instead of that we got the same "drop down/scroll /page turn/ search function". Imagine you have a display for your asset a PUMP, and you have only 400 of them, is it OK to click scroll, turn page scroll until your engineer finds the pump, or he just enters the element name ( pump name) and presses enter?!

Please voice your opinion as for us it is difficult to believe that we are the only ones in need of that simple search function.!



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  • Keep the drop down/ scroll /page turn search function
  • Have OSISOFT implement a simple in display search box - type the element or scroll down.