Would you attend/support a PI Developers Conference?

Poll created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Feb 28, 2019

The hackathon has been cancel at PI World this year, which was one of the main developer events at the conference. This has brought up the idea of having a separate technical conference for PI developers only (those that work with PI, not those that market or sell it). Many years ago we had a very popular conference like this call vCampus. It was amazing, we only had it for 2 or 3 years, then it was absorbed with PI World, mainly due to cost.


If there was another conference like this would you attend?  Feel free to offer suggestions on the format, location, etc..


As a community, this is a chance for us to speak-up!


Here is the thread where the conversation started:


The 2019 Innovation Hackathon has been cancelled



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  • I'm all in, any place any time, I'm there!
  • As long as my company approves it, I'm there!
  • I'm 50/50, depends on the cost and my schedule, but would love to attend if able
  • Most likely would not attend due to cost, would need it to be free to even consider
  • Not interested, count me out