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    Af attribute config string is not synced with the new pi-tag name !


      Hi All,

      I have an issue with the AF as described below :

      1-Create Attribute on the AF.

      2-Associated this attribute with a Pi-Tag "TEST01"

      3-Check that's the AF attribute is retrieving data correctly.

      4-Go to PI-SMT, and rename the tag name to "UPDATE_TEST01"

      5-Check in the AF the attribute config string.


      Actual behavior :

      The AF Attribute still have the "TEST01" as config string, and still retrieving data. (it's strange behavior)


      Expected behaviors :

      1-The AF Attribute config string should be updated to the new tag name "UPDATE_TEST01" automatically.


      2-The AF Attribute should showing "PI Point not found '\\MYPI_SERVER\TEST01'."


      N.b : for more details please check the attached pictures.






      Thanks for you suggestions.