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EMDVB Interface options pros and cons or testimonies

Question asked by Youssef.El-Bahtimy Champion on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by Youssef.El-Bahtimy

I am working on implementing the EMDVB interface, and while I have seen it before, I guess I never really knew the full extent of the options available for connectivity. 


I am leaning towards using SQL connectivity for both DV Batch and DV Alarm & Event Chronicle data source interface, but I wanted to get some pros and cons or testimonies for this and the other available connectivity options.


Let's start by ruling out .EVT connectivity to the batch historian (though I recently saw this deployed at a rather new installation, so maybe I'm missing something).  The interface document basically states Emerson doesn't support access to the EVTs, anyway.


The OPC A&E connectivity for batch history (which I'll admit I was not aware of) is intriguing, but seems that it requires the SQL connection as a fallback, so maybe why bother unless we need batch events in real time. However, if I want to have Alarms recorded in real time, that would be the way to go.


Regarding Alarms and events, I recently saw connection to the chronicle through RDBMS implemented, but it seemed like a lot configuration was required, which I suspect is already handled in EMDVB, so I'm pretty much ruling that out as well.


Thanks for any input and insights you can provide.