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PI SDK (VB): Wildcard not accepted in GetPoints?

Question asked by bartmch on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by stang

Hi everybody,

Within my VB (actually SVB, Statistica VB) script I'd like to get a list of tags containing the unit name, "". I'd like to do this by using wildcards as shown in the following snippet:


Function ExtractPIData(PiSrvr As PISDK.Server,PItag As String) As Spreadsheet

  PItag1 = "UF97000(P_BBBB_AA):B-Report"
  PItag2 = "UF97014*"
  PItag3 = "UF97014*"
  PItag4 = "Tag='UF97000*'"
  PItag5 = "tag='UF97000*'"

  Dim PiPoints1 As PIPoint
  Dim PiPoints2 As PIPoint
  Dim PiPoints3 As PointList
  Dim PiPoints4 As PointList
  Dim PiPoints5 As PointList

  Set PiPoints1 = PiSrvr.PIPoints.Item(PItag1)
  Set PiPoints2 = PiSrvr.PIPoints(PItag2)
    Set PiPoints3 = PiSrvr.GetPoints(PItag3)
    Set PiPoints4 = PiSrvr.GetPoints(PItag4)
    Set PiPoints5 = PiSrvr.GetPointsSQL(PItag5)


When debugging this would give me:


2: PiPoints1 -> "UF97000(P_BBBB_AA):B-Report"
2: PiPoints2 -> [PIPoint@Nothing]
2: PiPoints3 -> [PointList@Nothing]
2: PiPoints4 -> [PointList@Nothing]
2: PiPoints5 -> [PointList@Nothing]


As expected PiPoints1 is giving me the result I am looking for without using wildcards. Any idea why I'm not getting any tag name for PiPoints4 and PiPoints5?

Also, I am planning to extract some timeseries data (= compressed data?) based on that tag along with a start and end date using the function "PiPoints1.Data.RecordedValues", would that be feasible?


Thank you,